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Which One Is Better – Glass Vs. Stainless Steel Tea Kettles for glass top stove?

Glass top stoves have recently become the choice of many modern families for their advantages in design, safe cooking, easy cleaning, and saving electricity. However, the biggest drawback of the induction cooker is that it does not support all kinds of cookware.

If you have owned a glass cooktop and want to buy a tea kettle, but don’t know Which One Is Better – Glass Vs. Stainless Steel Tea Kettles for glass top stove, this post might be the best place for you.

Can Glass Tea Kettles be used for the glass top stove?

Luxury glass Tea Kettles safe for health is the favorite choice of many housewives. Many people are still wondering whether glass kettles can cook on the glass top stove? Let’s find out with the answer right now.

Glass top stove with construction characteristics and operating principles can only be used with cookware with a magnetic base. Therefore, non-magnetic glass materials placed on the induction cooktop, will not be transferred heat to cook food.

Although the glass kettle does not use directly on the glass top stove, if you still want to use your glass kettle on the glass cooktop, you can use a Stainless Steel Heat Transfer Plate for cooking.

Basically, this product is made from the magnetic stainless steel material (stainless steel 304 or 430), which receives the magnetic field from the stove converted into heat transferred to the kettle to boil water.

Not only does it support the use of glass pots on magnetic cookers, but this Heat Transfer Plate can also be used with aluminum, ceramic, porcelain … (materials that are not magnetized but heat well). But it should be noted:

– Firstly, for your glass kettles to use well on glass top stove with the heat transfer plate, the bottom of the kettles must be flat to achieve maximum contact area and good heat transfer, avoiding energy waste when used.
– Secondly, heat transfer plates must also ensure flatness. If only a little warped, the heat transfer performance is also much worse.
– Thirdly, actually such a heat transfer product is not cheap. To ensure quality, you should choose a reputable selling point and request to be tried before you buy it.

Overall, it is not recommended to use glass kettles or aluminum cookware with a curved or concave bottom and a diameter of less than 10 cm for the induction hob. These pots will not heat on the induction cooktop or have low heat generation efficiency.

And, when the amount of generated heat is not enough, it can cause the coil of the stove to heat up, causing danger to the stove (short circuit, explosion).

So, the glass tea kettle is practically a product not intended for a glass top stove. But with modern technology and scientific knowledge, people have come up with products that support users to experience the induction cooker with glass cookware.

Stainless Steel Tea Kettles – the best choice for glass top stove

Tea kettles made from stainless steel is the ideal choice for induction hob. Stainless steel material in the high-class kettles is 18/10 stainless steel (18% chrome, 10% nickel) with acid resistance, high scratch resistance, helps objects catch heat well, dissipate heat evenly, save energy, etc.

In particular, household items made of stainless steel are very smooth and durable, food sticking in kettles, pots, and pans will be easily cleaned. Choose stainless steel kettles if you like the following advantages:

  • Do not rust over time: Stainless steel kettles may not be as luxurious as glass kettles, but their durability is not inferior to glass kettles and other material cookware. The 304 stainless steel material does not rust over time and still gives a new, long-lasting, safe to use.
  • Lightweight and suitable price: Stainless steel pot is much lighter than glass pot, which helps you easily move the pot when cooking. The pot is also more affordable for consumers.
  • Safe to use: Stainless steel pot is durable, does not rust, ensures the safety of food, does not cause harmful chemical reactions to food.

Things to consider before buying a tea kettle for glass top stove

  • Have the magnetic bottom or made from 430 stainless steel

Should choose the type of kettle from stainless steel or at least the bottom of the magnet. Usually, the common type kettles all use stainless steel material 18/10, and high-end kettles use alloys and stainless steel bottoms. Both types are very safe for customers to use.

  • You should choose the kettle type of lightweight:

If the normal cookware products, you should choose one having a very heavy bottom. But for the kitchen kettle, you just need to choose the type of 1-layer light kettle, good conductivity and cost savings.

  • Well-insulated plastic handle

Tea kettle models are required to use insulated handles due to rapid heat transfer. If there is no insulation, you will be more likely to get burned.

  • There must be insulation at the opening of tea kettles

This detail you may not notice, some cheap kettle samples often don’t have the heat-insulating part at the opening. So, when you use your hand to open the faucet, so it is easy to burn.

Final word

With the advantages and limitations of these two kinds of a tea kettle, choosing which one is better – Glass Vs. Stainless Steel tea kettles for glass top stove, depends on the needs, interests, and kitchen space of your family. You should consider carefully before buying to avoid using waste.

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