The Undesirables

The Undesirables

Modern romance done wrong. A dating podcast from two guys who definitely shouldn't have a dating podcast.

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    13: The opposite of peaked

    Season one is over so Tucker and Tom take a hot minute to reflect on all the mistakes they made along the way.

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    12: Lucy Sweetkill

    Special guest and professional dominatrix Lucy Sweetkill teaches Tucker how to choke someone sexually without totally murdering them and tells Tom exactly what kind of bottom he is.

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    11: You get away with words

    Tucker breaks up with New York for the weekend while Tom perfects the art of not getting dates.

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    10: You Up?

    Tucker and Tom sit down with the developers of a new late night dating app to ask a very important question... You Up?

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    7: Generalizations about women

    Tom reveals the results of his human experiments while Tucker and special guest Rachel pat each other on the back for leading on romantic interests.

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    6: The heat death of the universe

    Tom sabotages his chances at finding love by being too cheap again. Tucker has an anxiety attack LIVE ON AIR.

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